Positioning, visibility and notoriety are important elements of web marketing and digitalization of a company. Their improvement goes necessarily through SEO. This practice is then essential to companies that want to have a place and a name on the web. What should you do to improve your positioning on search engines? Entrust your referencing to our SEO agency in Lausanne. We can handle your entire SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign: SEO, SEA and SMO.

"Investing in an SEO campaign is the promise of ROI."


What do we offer for your referencing?

The visibility of a company on the web is the result of a long term work of referencing. It is also the key to a better position in the SERPs and to the notoriety of the company. A good referencing offers many advantages. Our referencing agency in Switzerland offers its services to help you achieve your goals.

A quality referencing for a better visibility

A better visibility translates into increased traffic, audience and sales. To achieve this goal, we implement different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) techniques allowing a better indexation of your web pages by Google bots. Our goal is to meet the expectations of search engines to improve your visibility.

A good referencing to position yourself well

The success of SEO is measured by the improvement of your positioning on the SERPs. In order to position your site on the 1st pages of Google, we can :

  • Develop SEO strategies;
  • Create and update quality, SEO-referenced content;
  • Choose quality inbound links;
  • Add keywords to articles;
  • Set up link exchanges;
  • Broadcasting of advertisements.
SEO agency in Lausanne

An efficient referencing to improve your notoriety

A strong presence on the Internet and on social networks allows to gain notoriety. After development of websitesIt is important to reference them well so that they remain visible on the web. The referencing goes through SEO, SEA and SMO campaigns.

What are our SEO services?

Our SEO services revolve around 3 main axes: SEO, SEA and SMO. These three techniques complement each other to guarantee results.

Natural SEO

SEO is mainly about optimizing the editorial content of your web pages. It is mainly about creating SEO articles with targeted keywords and links that meet the requirements of search engines, but also of readers to get qualified traffic. This work is done by our qualified writers and SEOs.

To ensure the success of your SEO campaign, our SEO agency in Lausanne therefore ensures:

  • Content writing and optimization;
  • Link sharing (netlinking) to increase the relevance of pages;
  • Searching for backlinks;
  • The research and use of targeted keywords by which to position your website.

If you would like more information about our SEO services, please contact us. Our SEO agency in Lausanne, à Fribourg or to Geneva remains at your entire disposal.

SEA paid search

The SEA referencing consists mainly in broadcasting targeted advertisements on the Internet. Its implementation requires the use of tools like Google Ads (paying tools). It allows to gain visibility, traffic and notoriety.

In order to help you reach your objectives more quickly in terms of number of visits, KPI, conversions...; our team of SEOs can take care of your SEA campaign. We ensure the writing of ads, the definition of keywords, the distribution of ads on advertising spaces ... in order to position your website on the SERPs.

SMO referencing

The SMO consists in improving the visibility and the notoriety of companies thanks to social networks. It is about using social media and specialized forums as a traffic generator.

For your SMO campaign, our SEO agency in Lausanne takes care of the optimization of your social media content, your YouTube channel for a good video referencing, the management of backlinks and the animation of your social networks.

Through these 3 SEO techniques, we will make your SEM a development lever thanks to an optimized visibility and notoriety.

When to call upon our SEO agency in Lausanne?

Call on our SEO agency in Lausanne if you wish to :

  • Improve your visibility;
  • Be positioned on the first pages of Google and other SERPs;
  • Make your social networks a source of audience and qualified traffic;
  • Increase your number of visits, clicks and sales;
  • Gain notoriety on the web;
  • Referencing your websites and your pages on social networks.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready to assist you in developing your SEA, SEO or SMO strategies. So define your goals and budget; and tell us about your SEO project so we can better help you.

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