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Convert new prospects into loyal customers

We offer growth-oriented digital marketing options.

For starters, we support many companies in all facets of digital marketing.

By using attractive and affordable web design strategies, for example.

In addition, legitimate SEO efforts, social media management and advertising services are used.

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The personalized approach of a web agency

It is the Olympic capital and a great place to start a business.

Together with the EPFL, it is a famous teaching and research center and offers a special atmosphere where innovation, sports, culture, technology and medical research coexist.

This makes it a fantastic place to vacation as well as a necessity for business travelers.

The Alps and Lake Geneva provide a beautiful backdrop for the city.

Over time, Smart Impact has gained recognition in the neighborhood business community. This is due to its expertise in SEO and digital marketing.

Remember, it offers companies like yours help with customer happiness to maximize the return on their investment.

In addition, we promise to provide you with web solutions designed to turn prospects into loyal customers.

SME Switzerland website creation
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olympic museum lausanne digital

Unique websites

Any business trying to thrive in the modern world needs a website with top-notch branding.

With so many sites vying for attention on search engine results pages (SERPs), it's more crucial than ever to have a beautiful and easy-to-use site.

Professional digital companies in Lausanne are aware of this idea and work hard to develop distinctive and optimized sites.

They are so effective that they have a lasting impact on prospects.

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Effective SEO tactics

One of the most important elements of internet marketing is search engine optimization (SEO).

This is the procedure you use to increase the visibility of your website in the SERPs.

This ensures that when customers search for similar terms or phrases, your company will appear at the top of the list.

A web agency in Lausanne can provide you with advice on SEO tactics that work. These will be specifically tailored to your industry and your target audience.

Whether you need help optimizing an existing site or creating a new one. We are fully capable of doing it quickly and efficiently.

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Digital and marketing agency in Lausanne

Expand your business with our growth-oriented marketing agency
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Our search engine optimization solutions will improve your website's ranking. Ethical SEO to ensure successful campaigns and follow the latest trends in online marketing. Site audits, keyword research, link building and performance monitoring are Smart Impact's SEO strategies.

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Take action so that your site converts visitors into customers. Our developers and designers produce high-performance websites. We create a design plan that fits your brand, appeals to your customers. The latest trends in UX and design. You will have the opportunity to be proud to present your website to your customers and partners.

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Proper use of social media contributes to your brand's online presence and reach. Our social media experts assess your needs and match each objective with the appropriate method for your social marketing. Packages that include processes, customer profiling, content planning and creation, follower growth, paid advertising and performance tracking.

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We focus on increasing conversions for your business. Our digital marketing professionals analyze your sales funnel to identify issues and strategize your campaigns. Site review, keyword research, link building, landing page construction and optimization, and campaign analysis are all part of our CRO strategies.

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Services of a digital agency in its entirety

Careful and constant monitoring of your online performance is crucial to maximizing your return on investment, especially in e-commerce.

Digital agencies in Lausanne provide comprehensive analytics tracking services. In fact, they offer business owners the ability to track the progress of their website over time.

They can use it to identify where they need to change their current tactics or adopt new ones.

In addition, it allows them to identify the best techniques to adapt their future efforts.

Increase the return on investment

As has already been established, optimizing ROI is a crucial element of any effective marketing.

You can get advice on a digital strategy from the experts of a Swiss digital agency.

Indeed, the objective of the latter is to continuously improve the campaigns so that the added value is excellent. This results in a higher profit!

Now that we have highlighted the many benefits of working with a reputable Swiss digital company, you have a better understanding of the variety of services offered to ensure the success of your projects!

Take advantage of Lausanne's competitive environment and receive high quality services tailored to your unique needs.

Finally, many digital agencies in the Lausanne area offer training sessions so that newcomers to the sector can familiarize themselves with all the resources at their disposal.

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A digital strategy on social media

The use of social media platforms as marketing tools is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

As a result, more and more users regularly visit these websites in search of knowledge and entertainment.

Targeted marketing solutions are provided by digital agencies in Lausanne.

Social media is important because it takes into account things like age groups, demographics, hobbies, habits, etc.

This allows business owners to communicate in a targeted manner with the appropriate audiences about their goods or services.

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Exceptional services for content production

Many digital agencies in Lausanne specialize in content development services. In particular, blog and e-commerce site writing, in addition to managing campaigns on several platforms, such as hubspot for inbound marketing and WordPress as CMS.

In this situation, you can avoid wasting valuable time by producing the material yourself, and it frequently offers a better user experience.

Quality content also ensures better customer engagement and the long-term success of any company's marketing strategy.

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How much does a digital agency Lausanne cost?

The cost of hiring a Swiss Romande digital agency varies depending on the size and requirements of the project. Larger projects generally require more staff and resources, which increases the cost.

Smaller projects do not require a large staff, but they may require some work if the goal is complicated.

For example, modest projects can cost anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 CHF, depending on the amount of work required. Because they take longer to complete, more complicated projects cost more. However, depending on the type of goods or services you want to sell, an e-commerce site can cost anywhere from 7,000 to 150,000 CHF.

It is important to remember that these costs are only estimates. They do not reflect exact agency quotes, as each project is different and has different needs and requirements.

In addition, each company will provide several pricing options based on the specifics of your project.

It is essential to contact several agencies before selecting one in order to properly evaluate the prices.

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Complete consulting solutions in Lausanne

Even the most experienced in-house marketers sometimes run into problems with certain elements of their advertising campaigns and branding.

The effective use of digital communication also implies the use of inbound marketing.

Indeed, the number of business owners who focus on web development has increased considerably in recent years.

They provide local businesses with the tools they need to create unique websites tailored to their niche market and overall marketing plan.

Fortunately, there are digital companies that provide in-depth consulting services at affordable rates.

Smart Impact and teamwork expertise

We bring together a large group of experts from many disciplines. As a result, we can take the necessary steps to put your online and digital marketing plans into practice.

You have access to our developers, graphic designers, photographers, web editors, SEOs, community managers, etc. They are proactive and skilled in their fields, and have advanced knowledge, credentials and capabilities.

This will allow you to focus on your core business. It will ensure the growth of your business and your company.

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