The digitalization of a company is not limited to the development of a website. In order to ensure the visibility of the site and to position it well on search engines, SEO work is necessary. They consist in implementing different practices (SEO, SEA, SMO and SEM), provided by a SEO agency in Freiburg for example, to improve the positioning of the site on the SERP and the reputation of the company on the Internet.

The referencing of a website cannot be improvised! It requires the mastery of various techniques and tools. To ensure its success, think of entrusting it to a professional.

Would you like to be on the first pages of Google, and thus generate more visits, conversions, requests and sales? Contact our SEO agency in Fribourg. Our specialized team will help you set up a referencing strategy adapted to your needs.

Why entrust us with the referencing of your website?

Smart Impact is a referencing agency in Switzerland specialized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). We have extensive expertise in the digital field, which allows us to offer customized solutions for your natural or paid referencing on your websites or social networks.

Mastery of referencing techniques

In SEO, SEO, SEA and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are complementary and form SEM (Search Engine Marketing). To ensure the success of your SEM, our team of professionals has been trained in the various techniques and tools of referencing, which makes them specialists. We can thus accompany you from the development of your strategy to its implementation.

We also keep abreast of the latest SEO practices in order to provide you with a quality service.

SEO agency in Fribourg

Promise of results

SEO is an important lever for the positioning, the visibility and the notoriety of a company on the Internet. With our expertise in the field, we are committed to accompany you in the success of your SEO, SEA and SMO campaign and help you to :

  • Improve the visibility of your website:
  • Improve your positioning on SERPs:
  • Generate more traffic;
  • Drive conversions and engagement;
  • To gain notoriety.

We also ensure the real control of the results in order to keep you informed of the evolutions. Please contact our SEO agency in Fribourg and benefit from the services and support of an expert.

What are our SEO services?

Smart Impact can handle your SEO at 360°. In other words, we can take care of all aspects of your project according to the elements of your briefing or your specifications. Our SEO services include SEO, SEA and SMO.

Your SEO campaign with the SEO agency in Freiburg

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a natural referencing technique that allows you to gain organic (or free) traffic. It allows you to position yourself on search engines thanks to precise queries and to obtain quality web traffic. In order to help you to position yourself on the first pages of Google thanks to SEO, we ensure :

  • The creation of SEO editorial content for your website content allows Google's robots to better index your pages. Writing SEO articles is part of the key element of your SEO campaign.
  •  Optimizing the indexing of your website We ensure the internal and external linking, accompany you in the choice of hosting and guarantee the compatibility of your site for mobiles. Netlinking, linkbaiting and backlinking are part of our services.
  • Keyword research Keywords are of great importance in natural referencing. We help you to choose the relevant keywords according to the conversion potential and the search volume.

Through an effective SEO campaign, Smart Impact aims to help you get a qualified audience, targeted traffic, a better position on SERPs and optimal visibility.

Your SEA campaign with the referencing agency in Freiburg

The SEA, advertising on search engines, is a technique of paid referencing. It allows you to position your website more quickly on the SERPs thanks to complex bidding systems.

For your SEA campaign, our digital agency ensures the creation and distribution of ads on search engines with Google Ads and Bing Ads. The ads and sponsored links will help you to position yourself better. We also ensure the optimization of the ads to make them more relevant in order to guarantee an ROI.

Your SMO campaign with the SEO agency in Freiburg

The SMO, Social Media Optimization, gathers the practices allowing to develop your visibility on social networks. It allows you to maximize traffic, target a larger audience and strengthen your reputation.

For your SMO campaign, we can ensure the creation of content for your social networks, netlinking, guest posts ...

You want to launch an SEO, SEA and/or SMO campaign? Contact our SEO agency in Fribourg. We remain at your disposal. 

SEO agency in Fribourg: a team of specialists at your service

In order to better accompany you in your SEO project, we have formed a team of professionals specialized in different fields:

  • Our web editors focus on creating SEO content for your websites and social media;
  • Our SEOs take care of all the technical parts of the referencing (link sharing, netlinking... ;
  • Our community managers take care of the SMO part of your SEO strategy.

We also monitor the performance of campaigns.

Then call on our SEO agency in Fribourg for the referencing of your website.

We also offer the services of our agencies to Lausanne and to Geneva.